Treating gum disease at Pateley Bridge Dental Practice. A general and cosmetic family dentist near Nidderdale, Grassington, Dacre, Dacre Banks and Skipton.

Healthy gums mean a healthy smile

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the supporting structures of the teeth. Most importantly, it’s concerned with treating gum disease.

A hygienist can clean plaque and tartar, helping to prevent bacteria from attacking the gum tissue. A dentist trained in periodontics can clean in and around the gum line. They can also arrange and provide surgical correction of uneven or receding gums, and the placement of dental implants and their subsequent care.

Periodontics and gum disease

Gum disease occurs when your gums become under attack from bacteria that grows on lingering plaque and tartar. We can treat gum disease in its early stages, which is why it’s important that you see a hygienist as they can help identify if you have gum disease and remove plaque that can cause the condition.

Although not always obvious, symptoms of gum disease can include bleeding when you brush, swollen gums, bad breath and sensitive teeth.

If gum disease has developed beyond the early stages, a thorough clean under the gums, known as root planning, can remove the build-up of bacteria from the root surface, which can reduce inflammation of the gum tissue.

The chief risk factors for gum disease are poor oral hygiene, smoking, diabetes, having a genetic propensity, a lowered immunity and certain medications. Early diagnosis and prevention are the best ways to help reduce your chances of developing the disease.