Our Top Tips in Overcoming Your Dental Anxiety

20 April 2022

If you’re reading this and suffer from dental anxiety or phobia, then we’d like to congratulate you on taking the first step to overcome your dental anxiety. You may find it helpful to know that you are not alone, and that research estimates suggest that 17% of the UK population has dental phobia, and that up to half of the UK population feels a degree of fear over visiting the dentist. Whatever the reasons for the fear, here at Pateley Bridge Dental Practice we are here to help provide you with a comfortable, pain free experience. Modern technology has evolved significantly, so have a read of why you should trust us with your dental care.

Modern dentistry has evolved – no more pain!

There is no use denying that some dentists in the past used now far outdated methods. This has led to negative childhood experiences, or bad or painful experiences as an adult. Pain relief methods today are truly revolutionary, so that you can be as relaxed as possible for whatever treatment needs to be worked upon. We understand that for some, the prospect of dental drills or needles can be fear inducing, and we want you to know that we can stop at any time, to accommodate any anxieties or fears surrounding this. Dentists are human too, and we similarly would hate the prospect of feeling like you are choking, being in pain, feeling powerless or that our personal space has been violated. Our experts will check in with you every step of the way, and are trained to recognise when a patient feels uncomfortable.

There’s no need to be embarrassed

It does not matter how long it has been since your last visit to the dentist, we are not here to judge you. Our dentists passion is providing quality care and treatment for our patients here in Pateley Bridge. We want to see you leave our surgery with a happier, brighter white smile. If nothing else – if we did not provide an excellent customer experience then we would not still be in business. Your comfort is our pleasure. In terms of whatever the condition of your teeth may be, we have seen it all. There is nothing you can bring to our surgery that we have not had experience in.

Financial fear

With our zero interest finance plans available, we can offer affordable treatment costs as well as our very competitive membership plan. If our low costs cannot persuade you, perhaps a trip to the beautiful Nidderdale where we are based will:

For just £12.85 per month, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Six-monthly dental health examinations and hygiene visits included
  • 20% discount on most treatments for our plan members*
  • Reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease with regular attendance
  • Spreads the cost of your routine dental care through a convenient monthly Direct Debit
  • Saves you money compared to private, pay-as-you-go fee

We are also acutely aware that the anxiety does not begin in the consulting room, but the night before, travelling on the way, and in the waiting room. So here are some handy tips that can help keep you distracted and alleviate the anxiety.

You are here to make sure nothing is wrong

You’re actively taking steps to improve your oral health. Our expert dentists can identify if there are any issues, but the only way you will find out is by visiting. By coming back to us for regular check ups, you are actively minimising any potential risk of oral diseases.

Acknowledge the fear for what it is

We can appreciate that in its extremist version, dental anxiety can manifest itself as a sleepless night the night before, which can amplify this to physical symptoms on the way to and when at dental surgeries. By accepting your anxiety for what it is, you have taken the first step to controlling it. If you’re predisposed to having your heart race or throb, trembling or shakes, or not sleeping the night before then we would really recommend breathing exercises which can help you take immediate control back. You may find that meditation is an effective way to combat this, which also helps centre you and increase your mindfulness!

Find the right dentist

Pateley Bridge Dental Practice caters to patients with dental phobia, and you have nothing to fear. Our clerical team can absolutely help to give you peace of mind, and answer any questions you may have. If you do not however live locally to Pateley Bridge, you can simply search for ‘dentist surgeries for dental phobia’ which will highlight other dentists with the same values and mission objectives as ourselves. Simply let us know that you have a phobia and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

How to deal with waiting

There are a number of solutions of how you can distract yourself aside from breathing techniques. You could arrive on time, but just enough that you can minimise the time spent in the waiting area. You can bring a friend to chat to, a book or magazine, a mobile or tablet device. We even offer free WiFi in our waiting area so you could surf the internet or read an online article about something totally unrelated! We deliver a smooth, functional service, and for the vast majority of the time we can guarantee you will be seen on time.

Make a repeat appointment before you leave

By this stage, we hope you will feel much more relaxed and excited about the prospect of your next visit, so why not book ahead? This will alleviate any concerns that you may have about future appointments or the building anxiety of having to book them, as you will already have this taken care of.

Reward yourself!

You did it! You have just successfully found a range of tips to help you combat your dental anxiety. Often your psyche will remember how it is that you felt in or about an experience, so why not treat yourself to make your experience that little bit extra special? Now just imagine how good it will feel knowing that you have combatted your anxiety that next step further by walking out of an appointment with us with a healthier, whiter and brighter smile. Why wait? Book your appointment by clicking here today!