Invisalign – How Quick, Easy and Affordable is it?

15 May 2022

As National Smile Month begins on the 16th May, we wanted to raise awareness by covering a dental treatment you will likely have heard of, but may not know much more of the details surrounding; Invisalign. Invisalign is an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments, where as the name suggests, others will be very unlikely to see your aligner trays as your smile flourishes as each tooth is comfortably moved into their new positions.


At Pateley Bridge Dental Practice, most of our Invisalign treatments typically take between 6-8 months! This allows for a new aligner tray to be used typically every two weeks. However, there are some factors that may alter how long your treatment time takes.

1) A type of occlusion or spacing

Everyone’s teeth are unique, so it may not be surprising to find that you have an overbite which is where your upper teeth overlap your lower, or conversely an underbite where your lower teeth extend further out than your upper teeth. Crowding in teeth or gaps may also slightly extend the time needed to complete your treatment.

2) Your age

Teeth are easier to re-align when you are younger, as the body is not yet fully formed. In times gone by, the typical treatment age for those with traditional braces was in teenage years for this reason. However, developments in cutting edge dentistry, particularly Invisalign mean there is a solution for any age. It is never too late to get that perfect smile!

3) Your compliance with treatment

Advancements in dentistry still require cooperation from you, despite the customised process. The process usually involves taking photos of your teeth, conducting a 3D scan of your teeth or moulds on a fairly regular basis. Our expert dentists will then develop Invisalign aligner trays. Once each stage of tooth alignment is complete, you would need to move onto the next tray and keeping to schedule will help to expedite this process.

You can also assist in this by ensuring that you keep up appointments, so that if any amendments need to be made or if you are progressing ahead of schedule we ensure the process goes seamlessly for you. Additionally, you would need to wear your Invisalign aligner trays for 20-22 hours a day, only to be removed for eating and drinking. When aligners are ready, you typically change trays every 2 weeks, but even after the treatment you would need to wear a retainer to help your teeth keep their newfound shape.


As we mentioned above, typically treatment time is between 6-8 months, and in almost all cases complete by 12 months. Your aligner trays are given to you with instructions on which trays to use, and in what order. Your Invisalign trays are very easy to detach, and click out as you would a traditional retainer. Aside from some initial potential discomfort, your Invisalign trays are comfortable, and you will barely notice them except for when it comes to eating, drinking, brushing your teeth and to change trays. Who said that dental treatments had to be painful?


There are many factors that may impact the cost of your Invisalign treatment such as any potential types of occlusion, gaps or spacing. Our expert dentists will be able to advise you on the length of treatment time required based on the unique 3D scans of your teeth and if any additional treatment would be required to give you your perfect smile.

So is Invisalign right for me?

To summarise, there are some points that you need to consider but the benefits far outweigh the negatives in why you should get Invisalign aligner trays!



Nearly invisibleCan be lost
Easy to remove and re-attachCan be broken
Takes around the same time as traditional braces, often much less.Typically more expensive than traditional braces
Less discomfort than traditional braces
Are custom made to you
More visually appealing than traditional braces


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